45 Acquisitions & Global Citizen Sebastian Amieva Top M&A Entrepreneur E:45Listen now (58 min) | E: 45 Top M&A Entrepreneur - Sebastian Amieva 45 Acquisitions Global Citizen Investor | Mentor | M&A Expert 00:05 Sponsor DueDilio 00:36 Intro to Sebastian Amieva calling in from Uruguay 09:46 Can we seller trust financial statements - only with hard assets
By Sebastian Amieva
How2Exit Episode 74: Orrin Klopper - CEO and Co-Founder of Netsurit.Listen now (62 min) | Co-founded Netsurit over 24 years ago during the lead-up to Y2K. At the time, organizations were being ripped off by IT companies…
How2Exit Episode 73: Ahmie Baum - Founder and CEO of Interchange Capital Partners.Listen now (61 min) | Ahmie is the founder and CEO of Interchange Capital Partners - a family business that has honed a comprehensive and collaborative…
By Sebastian Amieva
How2Exit Episode 72: Michael Frankel - Founder and Managing Partner of Trajectory Capital.Listen now (61 min) | Michael Frankel has held c-level executive roles (corporate development, strategy/innovation, CFO, COO) at large and small growth…
How2Exit Episode 71: Chris Von Bogdandy - 20+ years experience in M&A and M&A Integration Expert.Listen now (60 min) | Chris has 20+ yrs. Experience in M&A and has been involved in over 50 transactions in various roles, including establishing and…
By Eric Furlow
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